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Mercedes-Benz Gibraltar

Gedime Motors became General Distributors of Mercedes-Benz in 1951 directly with Mercedes-Benz Germany, and has been offering it's services both on the Rock and overseas for over 60 years.

During the 50s, 60s and 70s, Gedime sold vehicles to Morocco and American military bases in Spain, with a representative office both in Rota and Rabat. In Rabat the company sold vehicles to the Royal Household as well as Embassies and the political class. From the 60s through to the 80s, direct Mercedes-Benz presence in Morocco was small and Gibraltar became an important hub, not only for the supply of cars, but also for many other commodities. In Spain, Gedime's representative office in Rota actively sold Mercedes-benz cars to the US military.

Whatever it is, it's always "The best or nothing."

Every decade for almost 130 years, Mercedes-Benz has reinvented the automobile. From luxurious sedans preferred by heads of state to legendary off-roaders to winning turbo-hybrid racecars, if it wears our Silver Star, it's the best of whatever it is.